Specialist BPO

We are specialists in support for Spanish-speaking Companies looking to expand operations beyond their natural borders.
Our services are both ways inbound-outbound in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong to the wider EMEA, APAC and ASEAN.
Our sister Company or Affiliates may offer you services such as payroll, accountancy and other professional services in the UK or Hong Kong as part of our Total Business Support compromise.

■ Together with our Big Data product, we provide information to support your decision in accessing a particular market.

■ Deep know how on channel distribution and arrangement of soft-landing facilities with experience from construction to medical, Fintech, construction, IOT developement. We also find synergies between customers in applying particular innovative market developments.

■ Instant customer support, for products, services or emergencies i.e. product recalls, including the provision of paralegals to complement the accuracy of the services provided.

■ Arrangement of specialist visits in certain EMEA, ASEAN, APAC Countries as well as in the UK.

■ Internal Audit, Quality monitors, transactional or behavioural patterns and data gathering.

N.B.: We may offer or withdraw services at our sole discretion, we may or may not offer certain offers to you. In any event the listing of products provided, does not constitute and offer, is for speculative purposes and does not guarantee that this services  will be offered to you.

No services are guaranteed for any customer and we may refuse to do business with you without any specific reason or withdraw any current or prospective relationship if we are unable to get a full disclosure from your business in compliance with a number of different regulations including but not limited to the AML Regulations in the United Kingdom and other regulation we may be subject to.
We may refuse to do business with you or withdraw any offer if your business is too risky for us, we believe that it became too risky because of any factor that we identify within your business.